Human Is A Hostile Mob In Minecraft With The Default Player Skin He Was Removed In Beta 1.6

Some attributes
First Ingame Texture:Char.png
Second Health:20
Third First Appearance:Classic
Other attributes
Fourth Removed In:Beta 1.6

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Human Appear Just Like The Player Default Skin

Gameplay Edit

Human Was In The Test Versions Of Minecraft They Were Removed In Beta 1.6 In Minecraft Beta 1.5_01 You Can Spawn Them With Single Player Command Mod By Typing

spawn 49

NOTE:This Will Not Work In New Versions Only In Beta 1.5_01

History Edit

Classic Edit

  • Added Human With The Default Player Skin Can Be Spawned By Pressing G

Alpha Edit

  • Changed Human Walking Animation From Classic (Running) To Player Walking Animation (Walking)

Beta Edit

  • Human Can Be Spawned With Single Player Command Mod
  • Removed Human In Beta 1.6